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About us

We are an Australian company based in Adelaide. We believe in traditional remedies and natural medicine. Our focus is to reduce inflammation because it is the cause of so many diseases and illness.

The founder of this company went through a terrible accident and injured her neck and shoulder. She Suffered from terrible neck and shoulder aches for a very long years. The pain went through her shoulder, then her hands and her fingers, it made life so painful and even a simple task wasn’t easy to do. The result was feeling of depression and helplessness!

After doing all kinds of x-rays doctor told her that she has 3 options, 1- To take painkillers for the rest of her life 2- Learn pain management and 3- surgery on her neck!. On the way to go home from doctor office she cried and felt that there in no hope to way out of this pain! but then after a few hours she decided to fine a better solution then just the 3 options that she was given by her doctor. She tried almost everything that was out there to get relief from pain but nothing worked or if it worked was only temporary and for a short time.

The last choice she had was changing her diet and focusing on reducing inflammation with taking natural anti- inflammatory products that were high in antioxidants. In less than 2 months she started to feel better and have less pain but not much movement. she felt that her joint needed some special oil or some gel to use from inside to make them softer and give her some more movement without pain. She knew from her ancient Persian background that bone broth and collagen were used in old days to treat aches and pain in joint and muscles. Then she started to make them at home from scratch and using them every day and result was amazing! After only 3 weeks very little pain left and shortly after that she started to have more movement and was able to do stretches and exercises without pain! And as much as she did more she could do more without pain and life became easier for her and for people around her.

She started to help family members and friends by giving them her recipes to make collagen, bone broth and some anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant recipes at home but they were way too time consuming so no one did it!. Because of that she decided to make collagen, bone broth and some anti-oxidant products and combine them all in one product to save time and energy for them and everyone else to use and get the benefits.

We are confident that our products will help you feel better inside and also look and feel better outside.

How our products Can Help You?

  • Reduce joint pains and degeneration
  • Improve and repairs connective tissues and joint
  • Reduce inflammation in the lining of the gastrointestinal track
  • Help with IBS, acid reflux, leaky gut, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colit
  • Increase metabolism and helps digestion
  • Improve skin elasticity, reduce cellulite and stretch mark
  • Strength teeth, nails and hair
  • Reduces appetite naturally and aids weight loss




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